Emiko Uchikawa

Cryo-EM Expert

+41 21 693 04 44

EPFL DCI Lausanne Cubotron BSP409 Route de Sorge CH-1015 Lausanne Switzerland



I have been working in the field of structural biology since 2009. I have experience in X-ray crystallography and single particle cryo-EM. I am fascinated by molecular structures, and I enjoy looking at the world of biological molecules at the atomic resolution. Single particle cryo-EM enables us to visualize a wide variety of biological molecules and some types of molecules that we could not previously observe at high resolution.
As a Cryo-EM scientist at the DCI-Lausanne, I use my experience and knowledge acquired in different fields and in different labs to contribute providing the users and customers accurate and meaningful result to achieve individual project goals.


- Single particle cryo-EM: sample preparation, data collection, structure determination, and analysis

- X-ray crystallography: sample preparation, crystallization, data collection, structure determination, and analysis

- RNA and proteins: RNA/protein purification, RNA labeling and assays, RNA-protein complexes

- Membrane proteins: preparation of membrane proteins for cryo-EM measurements

- Biophysical techniques: ITC, MST, fluorescence anisotropy, thermal shift assay


Professional training and education
2017 – 2020Post-doctoral fellow (Dr. Bai laboratory), UT Southwestern Medical Center, Biophysics department
2012 - 2017Post-doctoral fellow (Dr. Cusack laboratory), European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Grenoble, Structural biology of RNA-protein complexes in host-pathogen interactions in innate immunity
2008 – 2011Ph.D. Joint Degree, Ochanomizu University, Japan (Dr. Konno laboratory), Strasbourg University, France (Dr. Moras laboratory, supervisor Dr. Dock-Bregeon), Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC), Structural study of t-RNA aminoacyl synthetases -tRNA complex and long noncoding RNA 7KS-LARP7 complex
2006 - 2008Master’s Degree in Chemistry, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, Japan
2002 – 2006Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, Japan

Conference organization
2020 Session organizer and chair at American Crystallographic Association, “Methods and Tools for Crystallography and Cryo-EM Sample Preparation”

Invited conference and seminars
2017Structural study of viral RNA detection by Rig-I- like helicases in innate immune system Nucleic Acids Immunity Conference, June 2017 Brno 2017 Czech Republic
2017Structural analysis of dsRNA binding to anti-viral pattern recognition receptors LGP2 and MDA5, RIKEN Sakura symposium, March 2017 Riken Tsurumi Japan

2018 Chika Kuroda award from Ochanomizu University
2019 Best speakers of the biophysics symposium at UT Southwestern Medical Center
2019Best speakers of the Biophysics department retreat