Titan #2: Cold-FEG, Falcon4

A 300kV TFS Titan Krios G4 with E-CFEG and FalconIV

The Titan Krios G4 with Cold-FEG and Falcon IV detector: A powerful instrument for single particle Cryo-EM at ultra-high resolution

This instrument is equipped as the one above, but without the energy filter.



Instrument Parameters:

Accelerating Voltage 80 ... 300 kV
Electron Source E-CFEG (Cold FEG)
Stage Tilt Range ± 70°
C1 Apertures 2000, 70, 50 and 30 µm
C2 Apertures 150, 100, 50 and 20 µm
Objective Apertures 100, 70 and 30 µm
Operating Temperature ~80 K
Information Limit at 300kV at 0° / ±70° tilt 0.12 nm / 0.23 nm
Cs 2.7 mm
Number of cartridge positions for grids 12 total
Sample exchange time ~3 mins from autoloader cassette to column
Camera Falcon4
Camera pixels 14 micrometer pixel size, 4096x4096 pixels, Electron Event Recording capable
Camera Performance DQE (1/2 Nyquist) 0.70
Camera Performance DQE (Nyquist) 0.28
Acquisition software SerialEM, EPU and TFS Tomography