The DCI offers cryo-electron microscopy and cryo-electron tomography studies as a service for a fee.

This includes among others the following:

- Consulting in structural analysis possibilities to answer a research question
- Sample preparation and optimization for cryo-EM investigations
- Data collection by cryo-EM or cryo-ET methods
- Image processing and 3D structure reconstruction
- Building of atomic models
- Assistance in the interpretation of the results

Titan Krios (300kV), E-CFEG, SelectrisX, Falcon4

Titan Krios (300kV), E-CFEG, Falcon4

Glacios (200kV), X-FEG, Falcon4

Prototype Titan Krios (300kV), E-CFEG, RF-Cavity, Probe Cs corrector, Autoloader, Falcon4, Custom hybrid pixel detector

Talos F200C, X-FEG, Ceta camera, Segmented Panther STEM, Custom hybrid pixel detector

Computing Hardware

Computing Software