User Fees

Invoices, acknowledgements, co-authorships

Services of the DCI are always billed. In addition to the fees, we kindly request that you acknowledge the DCI personnel in resulting publications.

An example of a general acknowledgement: “We thank the DCI Lausanne from EPFL&UNIL for their support”. Please inform the Head of DCI about any resulting publications or posters, as this is important for our reporting.

If a member of the DCI has contributed substantial intellectual input to your project, such as when dealing with very challenging samples, interpreting results, obtaining a high-resolution 3D reconstruction, or building an atomic model into a 3D map, then please consider adding that person (and that person only) to the list of co-authors of a resulting publication. 

User Fees

Fees are as follows (1):

Service Swiss Academica Others (Non-Swiss Academia and For-Profit industry (2))
Titan #1 (300kV CFEG,SelectrisX,FalconIV) 29/hr or 696/day 150/hr or 3600/day first 5 days per year, then 125/hr or 3000/day (3)
Titan #2 (300kV CFEG,FalconIV) 29/hr or 696/day 140/hr or 3360/day first 5 days per year, then 120/hr or 2880/day (3)
Glacios (200kV XFEG,FalconIV) 29/hr or 696/day 110/hr or 2640/day first 5 days per year, then 105/hr or 2520/day (3)
Extra Service 78/hr 130/hr

(1) All prices in CHF, and without guarantee. Contact us for definite prices.

(2) Prices are exclusive of tax.

(3) The reduced price for "Others" applies for a user, when he/she has used any DCI Lausanne instrument for 5 days in a year.

The instrument fees above include consumables and the operator to set up and supervise the automated data collection, and some preliminary data processing will be done automatically during data collection.

Extensive sample optimization, manual operation of an electron microscope by DCI personnel, data processing or model building are billed as Extra Service.

Overhead of 20% applies for Swiss Academia, except for DCI member institutions (EPFL & UNIL).

For Others (i.e., non-Swiss Academia and  industry clients), no additional overhead applies, but VAT has to be added where applicable.