Executive Board

The Executive Board is the highest organ of the DCI. It is composed of the President of the EPFL and the Rektors of the University of Lausanne and the University of Geneva.

Scientific Steering Board

The Scientific Steering Board provides independent expertise and recommendations to the Executive Board to support the DCI in the pursuit of its strategy and objectives.

Its responsibilities include:

  • Ensure the achievement of DCI objectives and propose, if necessary, corrective measures to the Council and the Bureau
  • Validate strategic plans, annual financial and scientific reports and issue related recommendations to the Board
  • Decide on requests for the purchase of major equipment
  • Highlight emerging global trends in relation to topics of interest DCI
  • Identify, with the help of the Office, new activities where the DCI can benefit from cutting-edge technologies
  • Promote the interests of DCI within and outside institutions

  • The SSB has been appointed by the Executive Board on Dec. 16, 2021. The members are:

  • Prof. Michaël Unser, EPFL, Chair of the SSB
  • Prof. Andrea Ablasser, EPFL
  • Prof. Nouria Hernandez, UNIL
  • Prof. Sophie Martin, UNIL
  • Vice-rectrice Prof. Brigitte Galliot, UNIGE
  • Prof. Paul Guichard, UNIGE
  • The Bureau of the DCI

    The Bureau of the DCI is composed of the academic directors of the entities of the DCI in Lausanne and Geneva. These are Henning Stahlberg and Robbie Loewith.

    Its tasks include:

  • Provide academic leadership in Cryo-EM technologies
  • Ensure that the DCI achieves the highest standards of excellence in all of its activities
  • Organise and coordinate decision-making processes and ensure their implementation
  • Prepare meetings of the Board and the SSB and ensure their follow-up
  • Ensure coordination between all DCI bodies at all levels
  • Develop strategic plans, annual financial and scientific reports for validation by the SSB
  • Prepare requests for the acquisition of major equipment for DCI for the attention of the SSB
  • Collect and examine the suggestions and recommendations made by the Assembly of users and develop a method of taking into account and effective treatment of identified shortcomings
  • Coordinate with the other electron microscopy platforms in the institutions
  • Exchange on best practices between the DCI entities
  • Centralize and provide information to the DCI
  • Assembly of Users

    The Assembly of Users is open to all DCI users. Its purpose is to present the DCI's new developments to users and to collect new ideas for improvements.