Stefan Arnold

Current Project

Total-sample preparation of nanoliter volumes for electron microscopy

Short Biography

Stefan Arnold from Switzerland started his PhD in the Stahlberg group at CINA in April 2013. He studied Nanoscience at the Swiss Nanoscience Institute, University of Basel, Switzerland.



Direct protein crystallization on ultrathin membranes for diffraction measurements at X-ray free electron lasers

Opara, N., Martiel, I., Arnold, S., Braun, T., Stahlberg, H., Makita, M., David, C., Padeste, C.

J. of Applied Crystallography 50, 909-918 (2017)



Patent: Cryo-electron microscopy from nanoliter sample volumes

Arnold, S., Stahlberg, H., Braun, T.

UniTecTra Technology Opportunity, Ref. No. UA-17/141 (patent application filed), (2016)


Single-cell lysis for visual analysis by electron microscopy

Kemmerling, S., Arnold, S., Bircher, B. A., Sauter, N., Escobedo, C., Dernick, G., Hierlemann, A., Stahlberg, H., Braun, T.

J Struct Biol 183(3), 467-73 (2013)



Connecting micro-fluidics to electron microscopy

Kemmerling, Simon, Ziegler, J., Schweighauser, G., Arnold, S., Giss, D., Müller, S., Ringler, P., Goldie, K., Goedecke, N., Hierlemann, A., Stahlberg, H., Engel, A., Braun, T.

J Struct Biol 177(1), 128-134 (2012)



2011-2017, Master/PhD Student/PostDoc

+41 61 387 32 23

C-CINA, Biozentrum, Uni Basel, Mattenstrasse 26, Room P36, CH-4058 Basel, Switzerland