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Optimizing the design of protein nanoparticles as carriers for vaccine applications
Nanomedicine 11(7), 1705-1703 (2015)

Tais A.P.F. Doll, Tobias Neef, Nha Duong, David E. Lanarc, Philippe Ringler, Shirley A. Müller & Peter Burkhard



Cholesteryl ester transfer between lipoproteins does not require the formation of a ternary tunnel complex with the cholesteryl ester transfer protein

Lauer, M.E., Graff, A., Rufer, A.C., Maugeais, C., von der Mark, E., Matile, H., D'Arcy, B., Magg, C., Ringler, P., Müller, S., Scherer, S., Dernick, G., Thoma, R., Hennig, M., Niesor, E.J., Stahlberg, H.

J. Struct. Biol. 194(2), 191-198 (2016)

DOI: 10.1016/j.jsb.2016.02.016


openBEB: open biological experiment browser for correlative measurements

Ramakrishnan, C., Bieri, A., Sauter, N., Roizard, S., Ringler, P., Müller, S., Goldie, K., Enimanev, K., Stahlberg, H., Rinn, B., Braun, T.

BMC Bioinformatics 15, 84 (2014)



Connecting micro-fluidics to electron microscopy

Kemmerling, Simon, Ziegler, J., Schweighauser, G., Arnold, S., Giss, D., Müller, S., Ringler, P., Goldie, K., Goedecke, N., Hierlemann, A., Stahlberg, H., Engel, A., Braun, T.

J Struct Biol 177(1), 128-134 (2012)



Biological scanning transmission electron microscopy

Müller, S., Engel, A

In: 3D-Electron Microscopy in Life Sciences (a Textbook on DVD). Ed. A. Verkleij, E.V. Orlova, and A. Leis. First edition. 3DEM NETWORK of EXCELLENCE (European Union) , (2008)


Double hexameric ring assembly of the type III protein translocase ATPase HrcN

Müller, S., Pozidis, C., Stone, R., Meesters, C., Chami, M., Engel, A., Economou, A., Stahlberg, H.

Mol Microbiol 61(1), 119-25 (2006)



The 4.5 Å structure of human AQP2

Schenk, A. D., Werten, P. J., Scheuring, S., de Groot, B. L., Müller, S., Stahlberg, H., Philippsen, A., Engel, A.

J Mol Biol 350(2), 278-89 (2005)



Oligomeric structure of the Bacillus subtilise cell division protein DivIVA determined by transmission electron microscopy

Stahlberg, H., Kutejova, E., Muchova, K., Gregorini, M., Lustig, A., Müller, S., Olivieri, V., Engel, A., Wilkinson, A. J., Barak, I.

Mol Microbiol 52(5), 1281-90 (2004)



The reaction centre from green sulphur bacteria Chlorobium tedium: a structural analysis by scanning transmission electron microscopy

Remigy, H. W., Stahlberg, H., Fotiadis, D., Müller, S., Wolpensinger, B., Engel, A., Hauska, G., Tsiotis, G.

J Mol Biol 290(4), 851-858 (1999)